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Mold Remediation Is What We Do

Here at Mold Removal Glendale we specialize in developing mold remediation plans. We will work with you to develop a plan that fully addresses the mold problem in your home or business. We provide state-of-the-art service and offer a range of mold remediation techniques that are environmentally effective, EPA approved and highly effective. We provide solutions for residential and commercial mold problems and look forward to helping you eliminate the mold from your home or business.

It is very important to develop a thorough mold remediation plan in order to properly eliminate a mold problem. You should always use a licensed and experienced mold remediation firm. Mold Removal Glendale is pleased to provide the homes and businesses of Glendale with top notch service, many years of experience and effective methods. We are a licensed firm with thousands of references from satisfied customers. Our initial inspection is always free so call us today to make an appointment. Do not wait to call – the mold certainly will not wait to grow!

Mold Remediation is Important For Health and Safety

Mold is a dangerous allergen that can cause health problems in children and adults. It can cause respiratory problems and trigger asthma attacks. Mold doesn’t just cause health problems: it can cause serious structural problems as well. A small leak can cause mold, which can in turn cause drywall and wood to rot and can lead to structural failure if left untreated. Don’t let a small problem become a big one; call Mold Removal Glendale today in order to schedule your free inspection.

Mold is not just caused by water damage. It is also found in homes and buildings that were not built properly or that were built with shoddy materials. Humidity as well as weather elements such as rain can cause mold to grow and spread. It is important to regularly inspect your home or business for mold in order to combat its growth.
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Mold Removal
Mold Removal Guarantee

  • Mold Testing of Surfaces and Air.
  • Leak Detection and Moisture testing.
  • Mold mitgation and remediation.
  • Infrared thermography (thermal Imaging).
  • Professional, licensed and bonded technicians.

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